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  • Can I edit the home?
    For 2023, you CAN NOT edit any part of the home other than changing materials to similar finishes given on the deliverables. (no drastic color changes). You CAN NOT edit any part of the upper patio or roof top. You CAN NOT add any furniture or finishes to the upper patio or roof top. You CAN NOT add any furniture or finishes to the interior of the home. You CAN NOT change any of the exterior structure/doors/windows of the home.
  • Can I remove vegetation?
    Yes. Consider the site a blank slate.
  • Can I edit the surrounding lots and setting?
    Yes, you are welcome to edit the adjacent sites and background, but please note, the judges will be told very specifically that the judging for contest will only be based on the clients home site itself.
  • Can I Edit the Dock?
    No. The dock is considered to be built on a public waterway and is being built by others however a transition to the dock is not on acceptable, but necessary for the homeowners.
  • How many people are signed up and do I have a chance to win?
    We are expecting to receive well over 60 entries this year. This doesn't mean that it should discourage you to enter. If you feel overwhelmed, team up and come up with a project for a group a 4 or less. Our goal is that everyone can put together a solution and come to our class to compare and contrast how the finalists solved design vs. your own solution. Remember the top 8 designers will be ranked and put into print so even if you are not a finalist, you may have a good shot and being named one of the top designers in the country!
  • Can we go over a million dollars for the budget?
    Although the name of the project is "The Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge", you are welcome to exceed $1 million dollars with the design as there will be no need to prepare costs. Keep in mind that the judges will be judging on practicality and if the construction could actually be achieved in a real life situation. Keep it somewhat reasonable.
  • What if I have other questions?
    Go to the forum below and ask away. We will do our best to respond quickly and it could be a question that others have so do not be shy.
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