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Contest Rules

Who can enter? - Individuals / Student / Team or Company*

What We Need From You

Scaled 2d plan, rendered with media of choice. 
There will be a major emphasis plased on the presentation & detail of the 2d plan.

   At maximum, 8 supporting graphics rendered with media of choice.  ***
A paragraph detailing your design process and/or explanations of solution details.

Optional Items for Consideration:
A two minute maximum video (.mp4 or .mov format) flythrough.
3d physical model or other unique presentation support.

* Limited to 4 Individuals or Teammates.  Only 1 representative will be supplied with the air fair, hotel room, & per diem.

** Entries will not be judged on amount of renderings, but quality of workmanship​ and effective/unique design usage for the clients wishes.

​ *** The Designer & Company will remain anonymous to the judges until the initial judging process is completed.  Please do not have names your plans or perspective renderings.  Design & videos will be co-property of “The Million Dollar Pool Challenge” once submitted and can be distributed to electronic and print outlets.  Owner of design can also distribute design materials.

The judges panel will consist of 6-8 "industry experts" using a point based system using the following criteria:

            1. Aesthetic Quality

                     - Rate the overall look & technique executed on the 2d plan.  Does it display everything in a clear & effective way while                                    presenting as something a high end client would expect?

                     - Rate the 8 supporting graphics / Video/ Presentation Material.  Does it present as something a high end client would expect?                           Do the graphics effectively communicate detail that the 2d drawing does not have the ability to?

            2. Differentiation

                     - Do you Like The Designers Use Of Materials?  Does is compliment the home & owners wants/needs?  

                     - Did the designer use natural elements but in a structured way?  Do these concepts seem new and fresh?

                     - Are Project Areas Unique? Rootop Terraces , Courtyard, Side Yard, Front Approach

                     - Rate the Designers Usage & Vision with the Riverflow Current System.

                     - Rate the Designers Usage of Lighting.

                     - Did the Designer think through the seasonal uses of space in a creative way?

                     - Rate the overall feel of a setting that doesn't feel like "just a swimming pool."

                        - Rate the Designers use of the hot tub & cold plunge.

            3. Functionality

                     - Does the Pool & Home Architecture Flow Seamlessly?

                     - Do the outdoor spaces flow well together & are they to scale?

                     - Does this project keep in mind that the client is only looking to entertain 6-12 guests at a time?

                     - Does the project incorporate the customers main wants & needs in an effective manner?

                     - Does the project create a sense of privacy while also not blocking good views?

                     - Did the designer keep a lawn space for the clients use?

            4. Realization Possibility

                     - To the best of your knowledge, would this design meet national and local safety & construction codes?

                     - Would an engineer stamp off on the design & execution?

                     - Overall, would this presentation be able to sell a client that is spending north of $1 million on a backyard?


Judging Criteria

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