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Contest Rules

New for 2019 - 3 Categories - Individual - Student - Team/Company*

New for 2019 - What We Need From You


Scaled 2d plan, rendered with media of choice.

  At least 1 form of a perspective rendering. ** 
   At maximum, 5 supporting graphics rendered with media of choice.  ***


A short paragraph detailing your design process and/or explanations of solution details.

Optional Items for Consideration:


A two minute maximum video (.mp4 or .mov format) flythrough.


3d physical model or other unique presentation support.

*Limited to 4 Individuals or Teammates

**Entries will not be judged on amount of renderings, but quality of workmanship​   and effective/unique design usage for the clients wishes.
***The Designer & Company will remain anonymous to the judges until the initial judging process is completed.  Please do not have names your plans or perspective renderings.  Design & videos will be co-property of “The Million Dollar Pool Challenge” once submitted and can be distributed to electronic and print outlets.  Owner of design can also distribute design materials.

Each Category's Top Project Automatically Earns A Spot In The Top 5 - Individual - Student - Team

The Other 2 Spots Are Open & Will Go To Next Highest Rated Projects, Regardless of Category.

The judges panel will consist of 6 "industry experts" using a point based system using the following criteria:

            1. Aesthetic Quality
                     Is the concept’s form pleasant to look at?

            2. Differentiation
                     Is the concept "fresh" & unique?  How does the individual integrate the Dolphin Waterslide & Ledge Lounger Product Line?  

            3. Functionality
                     Does the concept meet the criteria of the families needs?  Does it consider all elements site analysis?


            4. Realization Possibility
                     Is the concept buildable if the client decided to move forward with construction? ie. topographically, features, function

Judging Criteria