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Initial Consultation

Client Video 2022..

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The Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge 2022 Scenario:

The clients are two lawyers - a husband and wife - who live in Chicago, Illinois.  They are seeking a nice setting for their home, which has a lower terrace area, front approach, and rooftop terrace.  Their goals for the space are health, wellness, and self-care.  The space will be used seasonally; as a Chicago-based project, the designer should consider wind, sun direction, and shade.  The couple will entertain 6-12 guests maximum. 
Aesthetics and View:

Keep the view open, if possible, but the clients also want privacy
Preferred to have natural elements, but they love structured design

Elements to Include:

  • The use of a Riverflow Pumps by Current Systems application (lazy river, swim current system, or whitewater current)

  • A fire element to gather around

  • Cool lighting

  • A real or synthetic lawn space

  • The use of Ledge Lounger furniture

  • The wife changed her mind - a hot tub is definately wanted and/or cold plunge are needed, possibly a sauna

  • An outdoor kitchen 

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site & home details provided:


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