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A client and his fiance have recently started construction on their dream lot & home just Northeast of Phoenix, Arizona on one of the premier golf courses in the area.  This particular client can be found very regularly on the PGA Tour Leaderboards on Sunday afternoons and now wants to use some of his career earnings to build a personal staycation for himself and his new bride to be.  They do not have any kids but do have plenty of friends and family in the area.  Health, wellness, and exercise are his number one priority and every way that water therapy and exercise can be incorporated into the design, he would like to consider. Water helps create a place of tranquility and peace for him. All views from inside the home are of high importance.    Her number one priorotiy is to create an environment for entertainment with lots of places to gather, hang out and have a great time.



  • Combo pool with part recreation (volleyball & basketball) and a diving element and area.

  • A spa that fits 8-10 adults comfortably with privacy. 

  • Entertainment will never be over 20 people.  Do not want it overbuilt.

  • Awesome Dolphin Water Slide -

  • Ledge Lounger Furniture - (click on downloads under pieces for free 3d files)

  • Mosaicist Tile Mural minimum of 100 sf (Can be inside pool, outside pool, or as an effective art piece.)

  • Client – Big into Health, Wellness, and Views from Inside.  

  • Fiance - Loves friends, family, and entertaining.

  • Putting Green

  • Unique Fire & Water Elements

  • Unique Driveway & Entry Into Property

  • Need a Solution For Fence For Backyard That Doesn't Block Views

  • Courtyard Design Off Dining Room of Home

  • Both like water features for the sound and visual element. 

  • He likes the modern look & feel and she likes mid century finish out.

  • Both want to have plants incorporated into the design. 

  • A small structure preferably or use of existing structure with a swim up bar.

  • A full outdoor kitchen and bathroom as well as dining area in a new structure preferably or under existing. 

  • Home construction is 75% completed so no manipulation to existing home minus furnishing & interior finish out.

  • Design around easements & set backs on property.

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