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Initial Consultation

A client has recently purchased a piece of property in Lake Tahoe and built their dream home.  An art dealer & aerospace engineer by day, the couple want the perfect outdoor space to compliment their industrial/rustic home on the shores of Crystal Bay on Lake Tahoe to enjoy for the evenings and weekends.  The still blue water reflecting the lush pine forests and mountains in the backgrounds serve as the perfect template.



  • Combo pool with part recreation/relaxation and a diving element.  

  • A spa that fits 8-10 adults comfortably. 

  • Entertainment will never be over 25 people.  Do not want it overbuilt.

  • Dolphin Water Slide

  • Ledge Lounger Furniture

  • Husband – Big into arts and gardening.  

  • Wife - Loves family and nieces/nephews even though they don't plan on having kids of their own.

  • Vegetable & Herb Garden.

  • Fire & Water Elements

  • Want a destination outdoor kitchen (solid roof) away from the home that could handle bringing in catering.   

  • Both like water features for the sound and visual element. 

  • His #1 priority is that it is aesthetically pleasing and where he can display art.

  • Her #1 priority is safety and having a place for health and exercise by swimming laps.

  • Save the Red Fir outside of the great room.  

  • He likes the rustic feel while she prefers the industrial look.

  • Both want to have plants incorporated into the design but not too many. 

  • Bunk house combo with covered outdoor kitchen to sleep 6 "kid campers".    

  • Home construction is completed so no manipulation to existing home.

  • Design around utility easement on property.

  • Access to lake below.




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