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Aug 14, 2018

For next year...


It seems that for next year it would be advantageous to have some elevation elements established. This PoolStudio file seems rather under developed in order to give as the base model for people to start with.

Aug 14, 2018

Thanks for the suggestion and I agree with you. Sometimes as a designer, you just have to go with the material you are supplied unfortunately. What was given out for this project was exactly what I was given for the project in real life, without the million dollar + budget. Next year, we will absolutely shoot for a site that is geographically in a new area of the USA and one that we have the full house plans in both CAD and pdf form, full sketchup with topo and then a pool studio base that is perfect. It’s supringly tough to find a client that will sign off on giving us over their existing house plans for the world to work on that meets all of those criteria though. Maybe someday we will even find a real client that will build the winning design. We are hoping this will be the beginning of something big.

Building the winning pool design would be the ultimate prize! Of course a commission on the project for the winning designer would be a good bonus!