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Aug 28, 2018

Questions From A College Classroom




We have several college students currently working on the design challenge and I wanted to share the questions they had with answers for all to see.



  1. Which direction is downtown located? The site faces almost directly West which is where the downtown area is. Downtown is over 20 miles away, but there are still views on the horizon of the skyline.


2. How old are their kids?


I'm not sure that this is ever directly answered, but assume they are old enough that safety is not the biggest concern. No need for an autocover or safety fencing.


3.Why there are two outdoor kitchens? (one is located on the corner balcony of Main Floor)


The main reason for the need for two kitchens would be for entertainment value. There are two main exit points from the home and both will need access to a kitchen whether that is direct or indirect. The elevation makes this site very unique.


4.Where is road/driveway? Can we design the road?


Because the site is very large, the drive wanders through the trees up the house. We specifically left the driveway out so that it provided and open canvas for use in the design. Does the driveway stay more practical and just connect the two garages in an architectural form or is this driveway used as a secondary entertainment opportunity? The use is strictly up to your design but at the end of the day should be practical for everyday car usage. Hope this helps!

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