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Oct 2, 2018

Media showing results?



I have several friends interested in viewing the results of the competition. Is there a plan for any media (livestream, video, or other) showcasing the results of the competition?



Oct 2, 2018

The plan as of right now is to keep the designs under wraps until after the class at the International Pool Spa Patip Expo where we will reveal the top 5 finalists as well as Mike and I’s solution. We will release a few images here and there and collages leading up to the class and then the finalists will have all of their designs featured in Pool and Spa News Magazine and on various internet outlets. We will use the top 16 designs in other social media blasts after the competition as well. We has an incredible turn out this year for our first year and it was very hard to come down to a final 5 I can assure you, but we feel very confident in the ones we picked. We are excited to show everyone what was turned in!

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