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May 27

Is it possible to reduce the size of the house sk file? PS keeps crashing with nothing on drawing. Lots of memory..any suggestions?


I can try and save a version with no trees on it and see if that helps? Unfortunately I'm not certain that there is any way we can reduce the size of the sketchup file. The only other thought would be to redraw the whole house in pool studio and try to get it as close as possible to the sketch up version. I know of a couple of entries that did that last year, but I know it can be time consuming. If you do go this route, please note that the home itself will not be taken into consideration by the judging panel at all, so as long as it is fairly close, you will be judged solely on the design work outside the home.

The trees won’t help, the slope won’t help, the only thing that can be done is redraw the house ( I did it, took very long time because I made it 100% accurate) but goes from 200 mb file to 4 mb file. Otherwise draw your pool on a file without the skp file, then at the end drop the house back in. Naturally leave the slope, foundation and trees in during drawing

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